Free MusicFree Music12 hours of music spanning from 2006 to 2013. 11 albums. 30 remixes. Hard to find B-Sides. 2 live sets. Name your price!
Jumpsuit RecordsJumpsuit RecordsJumpsuit Records is the homebrew label of The Polish Ambassador. All artists' music is "Name Your Price." We bring out fam on the road!
Permaculture Action Tour!Permaculture Action Tour!This Fall TPA is embarking on a Permaculture Action tour to merge the party with a purpose! Check it out here!
LiminusLiminusWhile normal people sleep, Liminus feverishly draws, programs, and hacks, endlessly looking for ways to make TPA shows more dynamic.
ConnectivityConnectivityWant to design merch for TPA and profit share, try your hand at a remix, perform with TPA and more? Check this out!
StoreStoreStickers, rolling papers, cds, posters, shirts. Pick something up from our store to help offset the cost of making the music available for free.