Free Music

EVERY. SONG. FREE.┬áThe Polish Ambassador project is an ongoing experiment. In light of that, we’re going to try something new over the next short while. The Polish Ambassador has made his entire 11 album, 30 + remix, discography available as “Pay What You Want.” This may last forever, it may last a few weeks. All that matters is that if you are reading this, it is available to you NOW. Full album downloads of Diplomatic Immunity, The Phantasmal Farm, I Found Him. Now I Must Kill Him, First Words, Future Sex Computers, The Remix project of Future Sex Computers, Superpowers, Ecozoic and Mating Season under the Ample Mammal Alias. An additional 30 remixes and 2 live sets that you can’t find anywhere else online are also available. This adds up to over 12 hours of Polish Ambassador and Ample Mammal music. All downloads are available to you in which ever format suits your fancy. Click the album tabs to the left to read the description, have a listen, then download any or all of the music for an amount that feels good to you. You can also donate to directly support this project through the link below. Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy the music!

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