USB Disgography Key Chain
  • USB Disgography Key Chain
  • USB Disgography Key Chain
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It may simply look like a miniature polish head, but nope! It's also a keychain 8gb USB drive. It comes preloaded with ever TPA, Wildlight, and Ample Mammal album ever made! Plus all of the remixes!! It's over 15 hours of music! This makes a great gift to introduce a friend to the magical musical world of The Polish Ambassador. Limited edition. 8gb drive. Get one before they're gone!!

When you purchase merchandise, music, licenses, live show tickets and anything else from The Polish Ambassador, a significant portion of the proceeds goes to support, The Polish Ambassador’s Non-Profit.'s mission is to catalyze the energy of show-goers into community action before and after shows. We dance together and then we put our hands into the earth together to create change. Check out this video to learn more!

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