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Jumpsuits ship March 2017! Order now to get your jumpsuit just before festival season!

It's pretty rare that Polish Ambassador replica Jumpsuits exist in this store. We place orders rarely to maintain the fun and exclusivity of these special garments. Indeed, they are threaded from the fabric of the time-space continuum, and it's quite possible that Polish himself has popped in your Jumpsuit for a spin around the block ;)

These Jumpsuits were designed as a "Loose fit" to fit many sized humans, but specifically they are designed for men, because... well... Polish in his human form is a man. Men's small, medium, large. With a couple pins in appropriate places, we have seen many smaller women rock these jumpsuits in the best way possible.

Because we do such small runs of these Jumpsuits, we are unable to do returns. If you are used to American made male small, medium, and large sizes, you should be able to fit just fine in one of these.

That's it! If you want a Jumpsuit and you see them marked as available in this store, you should probably get it. They'll be gone soon, and it typically takes us a year or 2 to do reprints.

Thanks for the support and thanks for rocking a TPA Jumper in your neighborhood!

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