If you’re reading this, you’ve made contact with The Polish Ambassador FANCLUB Web3 Experience! 

What is this? 

Web3 and NFTs are providing new ways for artists and fans to explore and connect that previously were not possible. A new layer of community where both the artist and fans have a mutual stake & can influence how the story unfolds! Think of it as the next generation fan club where your ticket grants you special privileges, exclusive perks, early access to new music, cool projects, and more options to enjoy TPA both online and in real life. 

What are our plans for the TPA Web3 Experience? 

We are currently cooking up so many fun ideas that will be part of the broader ThePolishAmbassaDAO project, but our first step into web3 is with our Genesis collection…the Golden Moments. 

David Sugalski (TPA) and JC Lacek collaborated for three years to create ‘The Polish Ambassador To Space’ graphic novel. It's a 170-page comic book with a fun and exciting storyline and a unique cast of characters (including Polish himself). The Golden Moments are a collection of David’s favorite frames that he hand-picked from the graphic novel to turn into NFTs. 

All holders of the Genesis Golden Moments will receive a free mint to the next drop, the Polish2Space trading cards. This collection will feature characters from the graphic novel AND have TPA music embedded! In addition, we have planned free airdrops, early access to new music, fun exclusive perks, sweet goat videos, and special participation opportunities for an upcoming project called ‘The Quest For The Golden Jumpsuit’. 

The point is there are many fun surprises ahead! 


What is an NFT? 

An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital collectible (art, music, video, etc.) tied to the blockchain. NFTs can be collected and traded, and every transaction is recorded on a worldwide network of computers (the blockchain). This makes it easy to prove who actually owns the digital asset. Many of the early NFTs were simply fun collectibles and art, but there are new projects, like this one, that are geared toward providing real-world utility. 

What is a DAO? 

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. That's a fancy way of saying there is no one decision-maker and that many voices within the community of holders will be called upon to help lead the project and influence important decisions. This is typically done with governance tokens for community voting and more. 

Do I have to buy an NFT? 

Of course not! You can come to TPA shows as normal, stream TPA music like you always do, and come to our Discord too! Feel free to hang out and be part of the Discord community without buying an NFT! There will be exclusive perks to being an NFT holder, but by all means, we welcome everybody. 

How do I Learn More? 

Come to our Discord!  We have lots of kind and knowledgeable community members as well as our core team who would be happy to answer any questions you have. We also have an entire channel called ‘NFT Education’ with videos and resources to help you get started, especially if this will be your first ever NFT!